Defence belongs to humans
Infected hosts

Defence belongs to humans

There are many examples of hard-wired human instincts that help keep us alive, one of them is the instinct to defend ourselves and our dearest ones. Like our ancestors, we are still experts at spotting predators and prey, despite the developed world's safe suburbs and indoor lifestyle, we still need to defend. Predators take different forms nowadays, they change very quickly. Our precious belongings are often in the cyber space, the new battlefield where Yoroi defends daily their clients' data.

Our Credo

In Yoroi we come from different backgrounds and experiences, diversity is our strength. However, we have loads in common, we share the same values and the desire to defend the cyber space the best we can. This is our credo, summarising our beliefs, strategies and motivation in approaching our mission.

  • Defence belongs to humans, this is the way we survive.
  • Learn how to defend yourself. Learn to defend others. The cyber space is your battle field.
  • Cyber space is as real as the human dimension, its speed is just not comparable to human speed.
  • In cyber space threats can come from a human or a robot.
  • Our mission on this planet is to protect our neighbours from the threats belonging to cyber space.
  • In cyber space human beings confront machines and eventually other human beings.
  • Nothing is definitive. Accept everything as if it were constantly changing, but at the same time build it as if it had to last forever.
  • Perfection is in the detail.
  • If you do not understand something, reproduce it and build it from scratch. You will learn to know and appreciate its most intimate features.
  • Making mistakes is human, but sometimes they need to be learnt.
  • Do one thing at a time but do it flawlessly.
  • Learning is an experience. Everything else is just information.
  • There is always more information than you can handle, learn to take decisions in the incompleteness.
  • Be inquisitive.
  • To excel is not enough, you must know how to communicate it.
  • Consider each commitment as a new adventure able to enrich and strengthen you.
  • Commit. Complete each job as quickly as possible to make room for a new adventure.
  • Let others speak first, so you'll know what to communicate.
  • Write the code you need.
  • Consider success as the past tense of succeed. Success is therefore an event that happened, make it happen again.

Marco Ramilli